Unhappy with gun tax proposal


Are you aware that our local state representative, Jason Overstreet, is sponsoring House Bill 2529 in the state legislature? This bill will exempt state sales tax on firearms and firearm ammunition for the next 10 years. Overstreet likens firearms to food and water as "basic necessities." He and his fellow sponsors say this bill will cut crime in society. Overstreet is quoted as saying that it's time to "go on the offense" and push for looser gun laws. He states there are as many Democrats as Republicans who enjoy shooting sports and we should teach our kids about safe handling of fire arms.

I ask you, Does this make sense? How in the world does this lead to a safer, saner environment? He likens sport shooting to cutting crime. He insinuates that a gun in every hand will make us safer. Where does he propose we reduce services as a result of decreased taxes, perhaps police/sheriff funding? I believe he is mad. He calls this "a great offensive measure." I call this just offensive.

Roger Murphy


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