Seahawks fans in Ferndale get early start crushing a Bronco - literally (w/video)


FERNDALE — On Super Bowl Sunday, Seattle Seahawks fans hope to crush the dreams of the Denver Broncos.

On Wednesday, Jan. 29, a group of them got things started by crushing an actual Bronco.

The crew at Ferndale's Scrap-It recycling services showed their team spirit Wednesday by destroying a 1985 Ford Bronco that had been in the business' scrap yard.

The Bronco, which employees painted in Denver orange and blue and decorated with the team's logo, crumpled like paper in the jaws of a shear — a beak-like set of metal scissors that employee Tobias Campeaux painted with the Seattle Seahawks logo. The claw of a crane was painted in bright blue and green, ripping the Bronco to pieces along with the shear.

"It was kind of like that snow day we had last month. We didn't really work, just played," said Lisa Parberry, who co-owns Scrap-It with her husband, Brian. "It's not like the Seahawks go to the Super Bowl every year. This is a special occasion."

Employee Herb Parks came up with the idea when he saw the Bronco, and he got to operate the crane as it tore into the Bronco like a T. rex. The utter destruction — glass shattering, tires popping, metal being torn asunder — was satisfying, Parks said.

"It felt like 12th Man," he said. "This made me feel like I was part of the team."

He hopes it's a performance that the Seahawks can repeat on the field on Sunday, Feb. 2.

"I'm definitely hoping that's how it's going to go," Parks said. "Just rip them apart."


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