Unhappy port kept afternoon meetings


The League of Women Voters of Bellingham/Whatcom County is disappointed with the Port Commissioners' decision to hold their meetings in the afternoon and urges them to instead schedule meetings in the evening to allow for more citizen involvement. During the last election cycle, the commissioners assured the public that they would make every reasonable effort to insure that the business of the port was open and transparent and that their decisions would be made only after the public was fully informed. We do not believe the decision to remain with afternoon meetings fits with that assurance.

We believe that the public is entitled to at least the same measure of access and courtesy as port tenants and other business interests. At a minimum, we urge the port to consider other means for informing the community about their actions including the airing of their meetings on live broadcasts on their website.

It is also necessary that the port post their meeting minutes in a timely manner. The minutes of their last four meetings have yet to be posted. Given the important issues to be decided by the port during the next few years including the economic development of our properties, managing airport growth, and the environmental cleanup of our waterfront, it is critical that Bellingham citizens can be fully informed and engaged.

Annette Holcomb and Jill Bernstein


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