Wants single-payer health care system


I believe implementation of the Affordable Care Act has been difficult, to say the least. Many people, including elected officials, have actively campaigned against it. At its best, it is a half-hearted attempt to provide Americans with basic health care without bankrupting them. The rest of the developed world long ago solved this problem by removing private insurance companies from the health care equation. Any citizen of a European Union nation gets medical care in any other union country. Physicians in France file claims electronically one day and have the funds the next and at lower cost than here. As the economic divide widens, fewer people can afford health care. I believe it is long past time for Congress to remove health care insurance companies from the health care equation by expanding Medicare or establishing a similar single-payer system for all citizens with an emphasis on primary care and family planning, including birth control, for all who want it. If we can afford to continually increase military spending and give what I believe to be obscene tax breaks to large profitable corporations, then why can't government provide health care to the citizens who pay the taxes that fund those boondoggles?

Michael J. Tomlinson


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