Unhappy with city's lack of bike lanes


When I moved to Bellingham I was under the impression that there were a lot of environmentally conscious people here. About one in about 10 cars seem to have a bumper sticker expressing the driver's concern for the environment. I looked forward to doing my part by riding my bike all over town instead of driving. As a commuting cyclist I have discovered that many of the roads in this town are extremely unfriendly to bicycles. Some of the bad roads for cycling are old, but even some of the newer developments have no bike lanes at all. The most recent being the freeway overpass on Bakerview. I had hopes that the construction would make things better for cyclists but the opposite happened. I feel very unsafe and vulnerable when riding there. On roads that don't have bike lanes several drivers express their frustrations with having to share the road with their horns and their curses. If this is such an environmentally conscience place then how come nothing is being done to accommodate cyclists? With all of the money I believe being carelessly thrown into infrastructure and sustainability, why aren't bike lanes being added to some of these roads? When I see a bumper sticker about the environment I get a bit cynical. Is putting a bumper sticker on your car all you need to do in order to be in the environmentally conscience club?

Johnathan Knight


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