Saturna Capital raises homemade 12th Man flag over Bellingham


BELLINGHAM - When the president of a local financial service firm wanted to raise a 12th Man flag on her company building in downtown Bellingham, she hit a snag when she couldn't find any such flags to purchase.

Disappointed, Jane Carten, president of Saturna Capital on State Street, told employee Cisco Rodriguez that the whole thing was off.

That's when Rodriguez showed her a photo of a half-completed 12th Man flag. His wife was already working on one.

Carten raised that 12th Man flag at 12:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 27, a week before the Seattle Seahawks play in the Super Bowl.

"He's very resourceful," Carten said of Rodriguez. "He's the kind of guy who will inspire anyone."

But Rodriguez gave all of the credit to his wife, Jessica Rodriguez, who did the sewing work on the flag. Cisco Rodriguez, his wife and two children are lifelong Bellingham residents and big Seahawks fans. His son Gus, 8, who was on hand to watch the flag being raised, said his favorite players are Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch.

Rodriguez said they couldn't find 12th Man flags anywhere, so they made a trip to a fabric store and turned it into a big project.

"My wife is the bigger Seahawks fan," Rodriguez said. "It has way more meaning that we're raising a homemade flag, I think."

Saturna administrator Michael Adams, who grew up in the Northwest as a Seahawks fan, said he is proud to work for a company that outwardly supports the team, because it shows an investment in the community.

Regional manager Brett Bonner echoed that statement when he addressed the crowd at the flag-raising ceremony.

"Everyone will see that Saturna Capital is proud to be Seahawks' supporters and raise the 12th Man flag for the city of Bellingham," Bonner shouted into a megaphone. Saturna Capital employs around 70 people.

The 5-foot-by-8-foot flag will fly above the corner of State and Holly streets at least through the Super Bowl.

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