Says Ferndale students deserve modern school


Wanting to learn about the Ferndale school bond proposal, I went on a tour of Ferndale High. Some classrooms were too cold and others too hot. Most hallways are too narrow. In one computer lab full of expensive equipment, the floors had buckled from water coming up from below. In the welding shop, water was leaking from the ceiling. The electrical system does not allow all of the machines to operate at the same time. The toilet facilities throughout the facility are insufficient. The cafeteria cannot accommodate all of the students. Having several buildings means changing classes in the rain and sitting in the next class wet and cold.

I believe there are simply too many difficulties to be solved by remodeling. A new school on higher ground will eliminate the water problems. Having a two-story structure will allow students to change classes easily. A new school will save energy costs and provide a safer facility, because it can be locked down if that should ever become necessary.

We people of Ferndale are proud of our high school sports teams, our award-winning band and orchestra and our outstanding arts programs. We are proud that our graduates attend fine colleges or universities in our state and across the nation. It is time for us to show our pride by providing our teenagers a new high school for the 21st century. Let's dig deep and vote yes on the bond!

Louisa Underwood


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