Calls for a more bike-friendly city


What actions could we take to improve Bellingham to adopt a bike friendly attitude? Well, we could force cars off the streets by taking away entire lanes and devoting them to bikes. We could take away large sections of parking and replace them with free bike parking stations. We could offer incentives for people to ride their bikes more frequently and educate everyone on the benefits of cycling. We could picket and stamp our feet and get fired up about the state of our city and how freeway on-ramps are getting improved and roads widened, yet there continues to be an alarming lack of safe bike lanes or even roads dedicated to bike commuters. We could even address the fact that there are electric vehicle charging stations being installed through the city, and no new bike parking to speak of other than a few hubs downtown.

So what does it really take to make a "bike city"? Maybe we should all get on a bike one day and take over the streets and see what happens. I envision a lot of people sitting in their motionless cars, shaking their fists out of their half open window, and yelling frustrated obscenities about not getting to wherever they need to be in that instant. But we'll just keep pedaling and laughing because we're happy on a bike.

Stephanie McClure


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