Says reseach shows Ferndale bond needed


My initial knee-jerk reaction to the proposed new Ferndale High School has progressed from "are you kidding?" to a thoroughly researched "It's in Ferndale's best interests to pass the bond on Feb. 11 and replace this sub-standard school."

The Mutchlers don't use the public schools (we home school). But we also don't generally use the police station, city hall, or the local fire department. These essential community facilities are important to all of us whether or not we walk through those doors. We want to be proud of our students. We want to be proud of school programs. We should also want to be proud of the facilities and environment where education and excellence is developed.

Our high school is a patchwork of some 7-10 crumbling, unsafe, leaking unrelated buildings beyond reasonable repair, and wholly inadequate to meet the current and future education needs of our children. Many are over a half-century old. Go ahead and walk around Ferndale High School (check in at the front office first when school is in session). It is not a fit place for our valued students and dedicated teachers.

I personally dread the thought of having good money chase after bad for years just to keep Ferndale High School afloat (literally!). A "no" vote does not solve a real problem. In fact, it could make it more expensive if interest rates and building costs go up, which they likely will.

We can kick the can down the road but the can won't disappear. It'll just get rustier.

Jon Mutchler


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