Backs school bond in Lynden


The condition of Lynden Middle School and Fisher Elementary prompt the question: where have we been while our community schools deteriorated? Do we remember that we have had the lowest school levies in the county for the past decade?

Now we need to invest in Lynden schools. I am willing to pay 75 cents a day to prioritize education and to show each other and the surrounding towns that we are a responsible, caring community.

A word of thanks to the large business on Depot Road and to a small business owner on BC Avenue that planted yard signs. Thanks for caring about our community. Our community often is generous with gifts to causes over seas and far away, but we need to show that we are a community that works and cares about each other right here at home, right now.

None of my grandchildren goes to Lynden schools, but when students and teachers ask, "Where were you when schools were worn out and students were losing out," I want them to know I care about their generation and the next and the next and the future of their country. We have placed a sign on our lawn to let our community know that we will vote yes on Feb. 11!

Alyce Werkema


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