Pioneers take fourth at Dream Duals


Nooksack Valley's girls' wrestling team finished fourth place at the Dream Duals on Saturday, Jan. 25, in Spokane.

The Pioneers defeated the host school, East Valley, in their first match 54-18, but struggled against Othello and Sedro-Woolley, falling 48-21 and 33-28, respectively.

Maria Cazares won all three of her matches by pin in the 100-pound weight class and was the only Nooksack wrestler to go 3-0.

Wrestlers that won two of their matches included Delaney Cop (118-124), Kandice O'bryan (130), Fabiana Hernandez (137), Chloe Gardner (145), Kaleiolani Jefferson (190) and Kim Bass (235).

The Pioneers take part in the NWC Championships on Wednesday, Jan. 29, at Nooksack Valley High School.


100: Maria Cazares (Nooksack Valley) pin Isabel Russell (East Valley) 1:28. 106: Yazmin Sanjuan (Nooksack Valley) pin Khalia Kelp (East Valley) 3:06. 112: Ashley Start (East Valley) pin Paula Cazares (Nooksack Valley) 0:14. 118: Rachel Coleck (East Valley) pin Alexandra Parson (Nooksack Valley) 2:59. 124: Delaney Cop (Nooksack Valley) pin Cali Blackburn (East Valley) 1:04. 130: Kandice O`bryan (Nooksack Valley) pin Jazmin Koons (East Valley) 1:15. 137: Fabiana Hernandez (Nooksack Valley) pin Tasi Quifunas (East Valley) 1:25. 145: Chloe Gardner (Nooksack Valley) forfeit. 155: Viridiana Melero (Nooksack Valley) forfeit. 170: Elizabeth Goodwater (East Valley) forfeit. 190: Kaleiolani Jefferson (Nooksack Valley) forfeit. 235: Kim Bass (Nooksack Valley) forfeit.


100: Maria Cazares (Nooksack Valley) pin Esmeralda Mendez (Othello) 3:20. 106: Elizabeth Rocha (Othello) pin Yazmin Sanjuan (Nooksack Valley) 4:57. 112: Tori Zambrano (Othello) pin Paula Cazares (Nooksack Valley) 0:12. 118: Alexandra Parson (Nooksack Valley) dec. Thaila Ramos (Othello) 6-0. 124: Kaylee Martinez (Othello) pin Delaney Cop (Nooksack Valley) 0:44. 130: Kandice O`bryan (Nooksack Valley) pin Mariah Deleon (Othello) 0:43. 137: Fabiana Hernandez (Nooksack Valley) forfeit. 145: Tatum Sparks (Othello) pin Chloe Gardner (Nooksack Valley) 2:49. 155: Amanda Kinder (Othello) pin Viridiana Melero (Nooksack Valley) 0:47. 170: Evelyn Garza (Othello) forfeit. 190: Rosana Pena (Othello) pin Kaleiolani Jefferson (Nooksack Valley) 5:53. 235: Isabella Chavez (Othello) pin Kim Bass (Nooksack Valley) 1:50.


100: Maria Cazares (Nooksack Valley) pin Leah Olsen (Sedro Woolley) 1:55. 106: Teracita Shanes (Sedro Woolley) pin Yazmin Sanjuan (Nooksack Valley) 1:36. 112: Tori Barnes (Sedro Woolley) dec. Alexandra Parson (Nooksack Valley) 5-4. 118: Delaney Cop (Nooksack Valley) dec. Maddie Moser (Sedro Woolley) 19-11. 124: Double Forfeit. 130: Courtney Wright (Sedro Woolley) pin Kandice O`bryan (Nooksack Valley) 3:37. 137: Chloe Ammons (Sedro Woolley) pin Fabiana Hernandez (Nooksack Valley) 2:57. 145: Chloe Gardner (Nooksack Valley) pin Bekka Matthews (Sedro Woolley) 0:18. 155: Bekka Matthews (Sedro Woolley) pin Viridiana Melero (Nooksack Valley) 1:47. 170: Dajah Mendiola (Sedro Woolley) forfeit. 190: Kaleiolani Jefferson (Nooksack Valley) forfeit. 235: Kim Bass (Nooksack Valley) forfeit.

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