Worried about crime in Bellingham


It seems that lately there are stories about drugs, a shooting, someone being beat to death, on motel row/Samish Way. When are the motel owners going to stop renting rooms to these criminals? The city needs to start holding the motels responsible for not running a check on these people first. And isn't it a great way to welcome out-of-towners to our city, when the first major exit happens to be a crime-riddled street? Shame on Bellingham and its leaaders for not taking more aggressive action. Anyone that comes to visit me is steered clear of this area. Maybe we should stop worrying about all the big-box store growth for a while and concentrate on making this once-a-bedroom community whole again. It sure would be nice to shop downtown without worry about being jumped. If it was safer downtown, I wouldn't be shopping on the Guide. And lastly, the Canadian dollar is starting to lose value and what's Bellingham going to do, since most go to Mount Vernon to shop. Bellingham is now the melting pot.

Cathy Bena


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