Unhappy with new health care


Cancelled policies, increased premiums, higher deductibles, penalties, limits on doctors and hospitals - I believe Obamacare is turning out to be a lousy prescription for millions of Americans.

In this iPhone era, when Americans have become accustomed to unlimited options, what were Democrats thinking in forcing people into plans they don't want? Adding insult to injury, I believe Obamacare is quickly becoming a serious financial burden on middle class families.

Where is the fairness in blowing up health care for the 85 percent of Americans who were satisfied with their health insurance policies? Unless of course, the end game is to inflict as much pain as possible then declare it a failure so Democrats can step in and strong-arm a single-payer, government-controlled health care program.

Remember this as we head into the 2014 mid-term elections - if you want to keep your doctor you'll have to change your congressman (or congresswoman for voters in the 1st district).

Luanne Van Werven


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