Unhappy with 'climate agnostic'


While the rest of us live in the 21st century, Doug Ericksen apparently prefers the 18th. Describing himself as a "climate agnostic," I believe he thinks he knows better than the 97 percent of world climate scientists who view human activity as the likely cause of global climate change. I suspect the Flat Earth Society is warming a seat for him at this very moment.

It is a mystery to me that so many on the far right resist the irrefutable evidence arguing for climate change. Perhaps they are too preoccupied with intruding on a woman's right to choose. Or obsessed with phantom voter fraud. Or preoccupied with our president's birth certificate. Or pandering to the Tea Party. Whatever. The great shame is that they seem hesitant to stay current, to adjust their beliefs to align with facts.

Attitudes like Doug's are more than a nuisance; they stand as a roadblock to critical, long-overdue action. The past residents of Holland Island in Chesapeake Bay could certainly set Doug straight: you can find a picture of the last house on the island being gently lapped by incoming waves in a recent edition of the New York Times. Once the home of 400 residents, you now you need waders to walk the island.

I trust Doug doesn't own waterfront property.

Leaf Schumann


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