Unhappy with new insurance


My family lost our health insurance because of Obamacare. I just wrote a check for the policy we were forced to purchase for about $550 more than we were paying for better insurance last month. There is nothing we can do except work hard to find the money in our budget to comply with the law.

Taking $550 out of our monthly budget will have an impact beyond us. Salaries just don't go up $550 per month because Congress passed a new law. This money won't be spent at stores, restaurants and charities as it is now.

I believe $3.8 billion dollars per month is being extracted from families nationally. It's going to get worse. When we can't support local businesses, they are forced to make economic decisions. I believe this law will vacuum enough money from the economy to push many local companies over the edge.

There were better options. Tort reform was not part of this, those funds could be redirected to health care. Selling insurance across state would increase competition and lower costs. Removing excessive regulation from insurers and health care providers would help. Allowing expansion in Health Savings Accounts would also drive costs down.

I believe this law is a disaster for our country and I would hope people will support elected representatives who are committed to fixing this, no matter what party they belong to.

Terry McNabb


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