Wants to make oil trade less profitable


An increase in the number of trains carrying oil will be coming to our county and you need to be aware of this and what this means for our community.

In the past six months there have been four horrific oil train explosions in Canada and the U.S. Oil from the North Dakota Bakken oil fields is more flammable than traditional oil.

The Audubon Washington has recommendations for you pursue and act upon. Please check their website (wa.audubon.org/oil-trains) for their advice.

RE Sources for Sustainable Communities recommends that we ask our legislators to expand the state barrel tax to cover rail to go along with vessel and barge tax, close oil tax loopholes and pass an oil spill prevention act.

Learn more about what is at stake. Spread the word. Notify your elected officials of your concerns. There are steps we can take to slow the progress of these trains and also make the venture less profitable. Less potential profits may make this venture less attractive to investors and the people involved in the industry. We need less fossil fuel dependency and more sustainable resources.

Naomi Murphy


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