Worried workers are losing too often


The Bellingham Herald opinion page is important to our democracy. Opinions, informed and uninformed, share space giving citizens an opportunity to learn of issues and gain a clue to uneducated and other perspectives.

Two issues demonstrating this are found in the comment about how unions need to make up their minds what they want. In essence, "Unions support the Gateway project potential jobs in Whatcom county, while the Boeing machinists wanted to lose jobs." Gateway supposedly offers jobs where I believe there are none. The Boeing workers were to lose retirement and medical coverage compensation while the Boeing management voted a 50 percent raise in stock dividends, part of their compensation package. Boeing also forced Washington to continue huge tax writeoffs. It is just another story of those at the top gaining on the backs of workers. This is one reason Macy's stock increased 6 percent when 2,500 employees lost their jobs to "restructuring."

I believe that the small growth in our economy is felt mainly by those who own stocks and make profits from people who can finally afford to buy again. Time was when workers actually participated in the economic growth of this country with wages that allowed them to buy homes, education, food and furniture. Now, in new-age capitalism, winners win on the backs of losers way too often.

Donna Starr


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