Wants majority to rule on holiday


In response to a recent letter headlined "Unhappy with lack of school Christmas:" Thank goodness there is someone in our ranks who has courage to speak up regarding the suppression of Christmas in our school districts.

Several questions come to mind:

Seventy percent to 80 percent of Americans are Christians. Is that not the majority?

What happened to the old adage, that the majority rules?

Why is it that when one or two individuals question an idea, we quickly give in to their opinion just to keep them happy?

When did we become a nation of wimps and be afraid to defend our values and faith?

Some thoughts to pass along:

Stand up for your beliefs, or surely they will be silenced.

Apathy and indifference connected to faith, belief, or nation, will certainly be the cause of our collapse as a free country.

Karen Irwin


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