Says security comes from diplomacy


I believe the claim in a recent letter that President Obama denied veterans access to the WWII memorial in September is fatuous because a small extremist group in the minority party in Congress caused the government shut-down, which closed the memorial, as clearly stated by John Boehner when the budget bill was recently passed. Those extremists have a right to their opinion about the president but they should be willing to base it on facts rather than their own actions. President Obama has not done as well as many, including myself, had hoped but history will treat him far better than it will his predecessor who gave us unending wars that have killed many thousands of innocent civilians and a decimated economy. Our military consumes about 60 percent of our budget and operates as it did in WWII and has its share of problems. I believe that is not sustainable or necessary and it will take more than eliminating commissaries to fix. We need to reduce military expenditure and increase that for the Department of State because security will come from diplomacy, not from military might.

Michael J. Tomlinson


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