Wants more leadership from local communities


Do people really want welfare checks? It is good when we can communicate in simple language that everyone can understand. It is good to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. How is this done with so many different viewpoints? When growing up in Washington, community and neighbors worked together with respect, especially for parents. Jobs and careers were local and you would walk home for lunch break and return for the afternoon shift. It is impossible for one person or entity to properly govern, protect, lead and supply the needed jobs and education for the talents and welfare of all peoples. It is too much and unwise. Why not share those responsibilities and start with local representation (neighborhoods, small communities) and sustainable practices. Government by itself cannot by itself take care of all the health, living and safety necessities as well as giving welfare to those out of work months without end. Why not give people jobs, and teach trades instead of welfare checks? Local communities, local neighbors and fellow citizens are really the best equipped to know what is needed to serve local needs and sustainable practices. Maybe there are a few big leaders, but they will never be true leaders without real representation from those who are the weakest and most vulnerable with practical living to support a bright, sustainable future from sea to shining sea.

Rich Berry


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