Concerned about enviro-statism


Enviro-statism or ordered liberty?

Ordered liberty is public order and social peace with minimum official violence to life and liberty. It basically inhibits enforcements of everything but simple and logical laws, rules and regulations. Directed at preservation of environment and civil society, it's primary empowerment is private property and free markets. And, as the Brits are showing, "backbench committees" with strong chairs who persuade key locals to get involved are vital, as well.

So, do we continue to abide increasing statism via United Nation's Agenda 21, the Growth Management Act, comprehensive plans, ethanol's corn-killing of our dairy farms, "deep ecology" property inspections, and never-ending permits and tax referendums? Or, will we locals come out, speak up and support stand-up backbench chairs with presentations to relevant boards, commissions, advisory committees and planning units on subjects such as: (1) enlarged sheriff and/or state police forces doing creek, river, and shoreline ticketing of polluters on regular patrols; (2) a Gateway Pacific Terminal if and only if coal to it is clean and hopper cars from it carry toxic garbage from our waterfront to the toxics dump in Eastern Washington; and (3) a 200-2,000 boat "boatel" hidden on Cornwall Beach to cut polluting hulls in our bay and open up our waterfront -- Roeder Avenue and downtown, included -- to "free market revitalization?"

Terry Montonye


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