Says GOP policies harm middle class


I believe American capitalism is collapsing. We were promised American capitalism would benefit all citizens. During the middle of the 20th century, this was true. The standard of living for working people rose and they were participants in the benefits of an economy that led the world in almost ever respect. Countries around the world copied our economic and political systems.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Republicans implemented policies that I believe undermined and reversed the many advantages we held over the rest of the world. They are have declared war on us! These policies were promoted as ways of increasing our national competitiveness and individual prosperity. Instead we are loosing ground in workers' standard of living, educational attainment, medical care, transportation infrastructure, investment in economic and technological development, and protections for the environment, consumers and employees. We will be overtaken by some third-world counties soon.

Republican policies have increased the profits and value of businesses and the wealth of the rich.

It is ironic that these are the people who warned us about the evils of income and wealth re-distribution. Now they have benefitted from re-distribution. The income and wealth of the rich has been steadily increasing while the middle and lower classes are becoming poorer. I believe this was the intended policy outcome.

Jim Thomson


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