Worried about fate of country


I believe right-wing extremists in our country like to quote our Constitution but most turn directly to the Second Amendment and misquote it, without reading anything else. When it was written, over 200 years ago, the right to have an armed and "well regulated militia" did not mean the right of everyone to have assault weapons and huge stockpiles of ammunition.

The Declaration of Independence declares that "all men are created equal." This is true with respect to our rights but not our physical or mental capability. The very first sentence of our Constitution, among other things, calls for our society to "provide for the general welfare," which does not mean every man for himself or the evolutionary principle of the demise of the weakest. The growing disparity between the haves and have nots is not what society is about. There certainly should be rewards for the responsible and the hard workers in our society, but when I hear about multimillionaires dodging taxes and Congress debating whether or not the homeless or other victims of bad luck or the financial crisis deserve help, I wonder what this country is coming to.

Richard Herrmann


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