Concerned about trade agreement


There is a push in Congress and the White House to give fast track authority to a new trade agreement called Trans Pacific Partnership, known as TPP. This is the largest free trade agreement in history. Fast track suthority grants the executive ability to pass this partnership without discussion or amendment.

I believe some of the goals of TPP are: financial deregulation, keeping wages low worldwide, giving special powers to corporations to attack local environmental and health laws, lowering corporate taxes, longer drug patents, dismantling 'buy local' programs, and putting in place corporate protections giving them authority to sue nations, states and municipalities for loss of profits due to local laws, and many more rights for multinational corporations at the expense of workers, food safety and the environment.

This partnership is NAFTA on steroids! I believe it is being negotiated in secret by 600 megacorporate advisers in 12 Pacific rim nations. If this is put through on fast track it means Congress can only vote yes or no on it and accept all of its provisions without negotiating any of them.

If you think Congress should debate this agreement and allow public comment and transparency before voting on it, please call your Congressperson today and tell them to vote no on giving fast track authority for this bill.

Linda Schonborn


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