Concerned about rail safety


I believe it is time to prevent oil trains from passing through our city; or anywhere. A derailment such as occurred in North Dakota Monday, or in Quebec last summer, could wreak devastation on Bellingham. Imagine such an event on the tracks as a train passed Edgemoor, or pulled through Fairhaven? Many homes could burn, the ferry terminal could be destroyed. Fire fighters can't even get close to these burning trains. A train derailment and fire on the waterfront downtown could have unimaginable consequences. Apart from the threat of burning oil, the cloud of toxic smoke carried by the usual south breeze would pollute downtown and area homes, forcing evacuation of thousands of people. And, what about harm to Bellingham Bay? At least one oil train passes through Bellingham daily according to Will private enterprise and capitalist greed triumph again over people's lives and livelihood? Will state and local authorities act, or do citizens need to start blocking the tracks?

Dave Tucker


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