Jordan and Jordyn turn their name game into a marriage


To reduce people's confusion, Jordan Stevens called himself "boy" Jordan and his bride, Jordyn (Mills) Stevens, called herself "girl" Jordyn. Jordan Stevens' last name was corrected Jan. 9, 2014.


What happens when you want to marry someone with a first name that sounds the same as yours?

Ferndale's Jordan Stevens and Jordyn (Mills) Stevens say they have a sense of humor about things, often classifying themselves as "boy" Jordan or "girl" Jordyn to avoid confusion.

When Jordyn was pregnant before the two were engaged, everyone asked what they planned to name their daughter.

"Our very response was 'Jordin,' because the 'Y' and 'A' were already taken," Jordyn wrote in an email.

They were only kidding. They named their now 1-year-old daughter Layton Brooks.

The couple first met through friends when Jordyn was in middle school and Jordan was in high school in Ferndale. It wasn't until years later, when Jordan was serving in the U.S. Marine Corps in North Carolina and Jordyn was attending college in Spokane, that they reconnected.

They talked by phone, calling each other weekly for months until "boy Jordan" worked up the courage to ask "girl Jordyn" to meet with him when he came home for two weeks of leave. They hit it off, and Jordyn moved to North Carolina so they could date.

In 2011, Jordan was deployed to Afghanistan, so Jordyn spent the first eight months of their relationship waiting for him to come home to North Carolina. Soon after he returned, she became pregnant with their daughter. They moved back to Ferndale and started their family.

By summer 2012, Jordan knew that he wanted to propose. He planned to ask Jordyn, a baseball fan, to marry him at a Mariners' game in Seattle, but when the young family was on vacation at Lake Chelan, he decided the moment was right.

He asked Jordyn to walk down to a dock with him, but she almost didn't go.

"I remember refusing," she says. "I was cranky and it was getting dark."

But she relented. They sat at the end of a diving board on the dock and talked until the dock lights started to turn on. Jordan knelt down and asked Jordyn to marry him. She, of course, said yes.

They were married July 20, 2013, at a building at the Phillips 66 Refinery by Ferndale. Jordyn's uncle, who became a minister online, performed the ceremony.

They held the reception at Silver Reef Casino. Orange lilies, roses and hydrangeas filled the centerpieces and curly willows in tall vases made the space feel warmer. A relative set the atmosphere as party deejay.

Guests enjoyed barbecued salmon, ribs and chicken, Caesar salad, potato salad and strawberry shortcake.

For Jordan and Jordyn, their favorite part of the day was having fun with friends and family.

"When we were doing the toasts everyone had to tap the champagne glass," Jordyn says. "Every time they tapped, we had to kiss. It was hilarious."

They are still saving for their honeymoon, and hope a tropical vacation is in their future.

Jordan Steven's last name was corrected Jan. 9. 2014.

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