Readers discuss pipeline issues


Facebook comments about a Northwest View opinion column headlined "B.C. pipeline adds tar to state's fossil fuel jitters" by The (Tacoma) News Tribune, which appeared online Dec. 29, 2013:

Larry Illman:

"During last year's election the environmentalists, by threatening to withhold their support for Obama, got the XL Pipeline delayed if not stopped altogether which enraged our neighbor. The Canadians will get their oil to market on way or another. I assume the Keystone Pipeline was the most logical way and the safest. The expansion of the pipeline to the Vancouver area is not a new idea and probably not a good one from an environmental point of view. If the additional capacity is built and there is a tanker spill in the northwest waters it will mostly be on the heads of the extremists. Additionally they have so successfully blocked additional production in Alaska that the oil trains headed this way are on their heads also. And lastly I assume that if the northern leg of the XL Pipeline were under construction, feeder lines from our new production areas would be under construction to get the crude to where it should be going in the safest possible way. In their effort to do good, the extreme environmentalists are doing harm."

Lindsay Newland Bowker:

"Makes some good points about strategic advocacy on the environmental risks of extraction and distribution of fracked petroleum and natural gas. I agree completely that the anti-XL campaign has been poorly aimed, poorly informed and poorly focused. Obsession missing the risks of Bakken. Not sure what the author means though that global warming is the wrong foundation.

"Ending our reliance on renewable energy has to be a universally supported and expressed goal which translates as effective advocacy to well-to-wheel consideration in the short term (not subsidizing, encouraging or even allowing higher well-to-wheel emissions products into our stream of commerce and consumer boycotts against such products).

"Agree that the anti-pipeline obsession has neglected the enormously high community impacts of rolling pipeline and completely missed the serious issues of catastrophic envioronmental damage attending disrtibution of all Bakken.

"Agree that environmentalists are letting at-risk communities and at-risk natural resources down in their obsessive focus only on anti-tar sands pipeline."

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