Unhappy with lack of school Christmas


This "holiday season" is hard for me to watch in the Ferndale School District. An elementary school principal removed the PTO's modest display (small trees with snowflakes and icicles) because it didn't "respect the spirit" of what the principal is trying to do. The middle schools are not having a holiday concert and their choirs were relegated to singing their holiday music at a local grocery store on a Saturday. One elementary school that did have a concert excluded holiday music; while another cancelled their concert all together, so they wouldn't have to explain why it was missing holiday songs. The middle school's Spanish class is not allowed to sing their songs in Spanish to the other classrooms nor were they allowed to reciprocate to their pen-pals in Spain who thoughtfully sent Christmas cards to them. Whoops! Did I say Christmas?

It's not just Christmas - other holidays and seasonal celebrations are eliminated too. Imagine a generation of kids that have never sung a Christmas carol.

Our public schools should reflect the wishes and spirit of the community that funds it. Your effort to not be offensive has failed. Not only am I offended but as a taxpayer you have lost my support for the upcoming bond.

Laura Kudsk


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