Bellingham fantasy football league creatively punishes season loser



Bellingham native Mitchell Scott, 19, holds a sign as punishment after losing by two points in a fantasy football league with his friends. Fellow league members watch and laugh as cars honk at Scott while he spends 30 minutes on an island in the intersection of Sunset Drive and Barkley Boulevard on Saturday, Jan. 4, 2014.


BELLINGHAM - In the end, only two points separated Mitchell Scott from gleefully standing on the sidelines and ruefully standing on the street, holding a sign to show the public he came in last in his fantasy football league.

While on winter break from Washington State University, Bellingham native Scott, 19, held up the sign to passing drivers for 30 minutes Saturday, Jan. 4, while standing on the pedestrian island in the intersection of Sunset Drive and Barkley Boulevard.

As decided by fellow league members, many of whom were also on break from WSU, the sign featured big bold arrows, which pointed at Scott, stating he was a loser and reading, "I suck at fantasy football." Scott said he refused two inappropriate designs before grudgingly agreeing to hold the sign.

Though he thought he had one of the best drafts of the season, Scott said several player injuries and an interception thrown by Russell Wilson, worth two points in fantasy football, are what clinched his loss to league commissioner Chad Castro. Scott came in last with 68.22 points, while Castro scraped by with 70.22.

"It was equal parts bad luck and being a bad player," Scott said.

A handful of the nine other fantasy football participants watched from the sidewalk as Scott held the sign, cheerfully hooting and hollering as cars honked and people waved at their friend.

"We're making everyone happy," said Taylor Ayubi, fellow league member. "Everyone who drives by has a smile, because they're like, 'Well, at least it could be worse - I could be that guy.'"

Scott said he is already plotting his draft for next year (though he'll get last pick) and dreaming of what other props or outfits may be involved in the punishment for next season's loser.

"This is our second year, but this is the first time we've done a punishment," Castro said. "We're trying to set up a tradition for many years to come."

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