Working to take cash out of elections


The recent election for Whatcom County Council brought in large sums of money from outside sources for both political parties. At various times during the canpaign, both sides cried foul about improprieties taking place. The issues at hand were resolved, but the problem of too much money coming into politics continues.

The reason for big money coming into any elections is the January 2010 ruling called "Citizens United" by the corporate-friendly U.S. Supreme Court. It essentially states that corporations are people and money is speech. This helps to facilitate large outside campaign contributions being funneled into elections.

Anytime I have tried to talk to a conservative about this disastrous ruling, I get the same standard talking point: "It levels the playing field." Until they lose an election, then it's not fair.

Here in Washington we have the opportunity to overturn Citizens United through a constitutional amendment. Join us and the 16 other states to sign the petition that will place it on the ballot for 2014.

More information on the national movement can be found at On the local level we have Signature gathers are needed.

Eighty percent of people polled agree there is too much money in the elections. Let's make a difference.

Bob Seaman


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