Vandal smashes windows, desks in Ferndale police station break-in


FERNDALE - A man trashed the Ferndale police station lobby to the tune of $60,000 when he broke in and smashed windows and desks earlier this week.

Police arrested Darrell Ryan Stacey, 22, on Friday afternoon, Dec. 27.

Security footage shows a man walk up to the front door of the station at 4:30 a.m. Sunday, said Ferndale Police Lt. Bill Hatchett. The man throws a beer can at the building, unzips his pants and urinates on the doors, according to police.

A half-hour later, he returns with a small light post he'd broken off from the sidewalk in front of the station. He uses it like a club to break through the glass doors and get into the station, the video shows, according to police

Inside he swung the bollard at more windows, the front desk and the bulletproof glass that separates the records department from the public lobby. All of it will need to be replaced. It took about 10 minutes for the man to cause an estimated $45,000 to $60,000 in damage. The man stole nothing and couldn't get into a secured area adjacent to the lobby, according to police.

An alarm system wasn't tripped. Officers were alerted "within an hour," Hatchett said.

The lobby had to be shut down until Monday afternoon. The front doors were boarded up. Staff have since rerouted visitors to another entrance, while repairs are made.

Cameras caught the rampage from many angles, Hatchett said. This week detectives with the Whatcom County Sheriff's Office helped city police to identify and track down Stacey. He was reached by phone and agreed to turn himself in. According to police, Stacey admitted to the crime but wouldn't say why he did it. Hatchett noted Stacey was drunk that morning.

Stacey is accused of first-degree malicious mischief and second-degree burglary, for breaking in with intent to commit a crime. He doesn't have much of a criminal history, Hatchett said.

The new $6.3 million headquarters - called the "Rolls Royce" of police stations by one city council member - opened in September 2012.

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