Post-Christmas shoppers find deals, extra gifts at Bellingham Target


BELLINGHAM - Christmas has come and gone, and for some of the shoppers who went out Thursday, Dec. 26, it was already time to start thinking about next year.

Holiday decorations and supplies were half off at Target the day after Christmas, and plenty of people were taking advantage of the deals to refill their Christmas coffers.

Bellingham couple Kevin Edwards and Leanne Luft picked up a new pre-lit Christmas tree Thursday morning, after the lights on theirs went out this year. They also were picking up wrapping paper and boxes to stow away for next year.

"Everything is a good deal when it's 50 percent off," Luft said. "It makes it a little more economical to buy it now rather than waiting until next year, and then we know we already have it."

Jean Handy was perusing the Christmas sale section with a cart full of goods: holiday dessert plates, plastic containers and themed napkins. Some items she was picking up for herself to stock up for next year, some for other family members.

"I've got all kinds of things," the Bellingham resident said. "My husband is going to die when I walk out there with this load."

Lynden resident Stacey Rider was checking out the toy section with her daughter, who got an American Girl doll from Santa and was spending some of her Christmas money on new outfits and other goodies.

"It's a good learning experience," Rider said of figuring out the sale math with her daughter. "There's the percentages off and you can teach them what they can get for what (amount of money)."

Shopping the day after Christmas is a bit of immediate gratification for Maria Holmes' daughters, who had gift cards to spend and were happily eyeing Barbies, unicorns and miniature cars. Holmes loved seeing their excitement as they decided which toys to take home.

"It's a kid in a toy store, you know what I mean," she said.

After they're all shopped out, the family plans on settling in at home to enjoy their presents.

"Just playing and relaxing, that's it. There's no agenda, no rushing," she said. "That's the best part; you have all these new toys and new gadgets and nowhere to be."

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