Park Foundation kicks off its public campaign

The OlympianDecember 23, 2013 

YAY: $100,000 FOR PARK

Congratulations to the Olympia Capitol Park Foundation for raising the first $100,000 of its $400,000 goal to develop a public space on 2.3 acres of the currently blighted isthmus property. Jerry Reilly, chair of the group, says fundraising has so far been conducted on a person-to-person basis. But the group plans to use the publicity from the $100,000 presented to council last week as the kickoff for its large-scale public campaign to raise the remaining $300,000.

The park group wants the city to start removing the derelict buildings on the property to “perfect the views to and from America’s most magnificent capitol campus setting.” This is a great start. We urge all those who supported the isthmus to make a gift to the effort.


Anyone who grew up in the Midwest knows that starting your car 10 or 15 minutes before actually getting into it is not only common, it’s necessary. First, the car is usually frozen solid and can’t be driven until it thaws, and, second, who wants to sit in a freezer? Midwest cars are often sold with remote starting devices, so you can fire up the jalopy from the warmth of your kitchen.

A Tumwater police officer, unaware of this practice, issued a ticket to a woman during the recent cold spell for running her car unattended. She had started it with a remote device and the doors were locked. Officer “Scrooge” didn’t leave his name.


Having a pet dog or cat can be good for a family. But some people go too far. More than 90 cats were rescued from a second-story apartment in Centralia recently. The animals were roaming freely and making a mess of the small apartment. Shame on the pet owner for creating an inhumane situation.


The Kitty Kat Haven, a no-kill , foster-based cat rescue operation in Centralia, took 35 of the 90-plus cats recently found in an apartment. The operation would have taken more if it had the facilities to house them. The addition of 35 cats — those with the greatest house cat potential — has already caused Kitty Kat to expand into founder’s Valerie Filer’s two-car garage. Cat’s Meow of Lewis County took the others, considered to be barn cats. Thank goodness for people like Valarie Filer.


There are more poor Americans than previously thought. A revised census report shows 3 million more people living below the poverty line, a total of 49.7 million Americans. That’s one out of every 6 residents. Reasons for the poverty? — an inability to pay out-of-pocket medical expenses, and work-related expenses. People over 65 increased the most in the revised count due to medical expenses, such as Medicare premiums. It’s a reminder to share during the holidays whatever you can with those less fortunate.


In Florida, Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith arrested the mayor of Hampton on drug charges, saying, “This isn’t Toronto.” He was referring, of course, to the Canadian city’s Mayor Rob Ford who has admitted to smoking crack cocaine during drunken stupors, among other things.

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