Rave: Reader appreciates city support for Bellingham library


The Friends of the Bellingham Public Library are deeply grateful to the City Council for its decision to restore the funds needed to resume Sunday services at the central library. We are especially indebted to council member Stan Snapp who, as the council's liaison with the library's board of trustees, has been an effective advocate for the citizens of our community who make use of these services.

It is well known that our library is among the nation's busiest, but perhaps not everyone realizes that over the past few years the library leadership and staff have had to adjust to very significant budget cuts. Miraculously, this devoted staff has somehow managed to maintain services at an astonishingly high level, despite the loss of funds for personnel and materials. It is to be hoped that the restoration of Sunday hours will signal the beginning of a carefully planned period of growth for this treasured institution.

- Garland Richmond of Bellingham, via Letters to the Editor

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