BEACHES: State’s marine debris hotline to be suspended

December 22, 2013 

The state hotline for people to report marine debris will be shut down at 5 p.m. Dec. 31. People will still be able to report hazardous marine debris — such as gas cans, cylinders and oil drums — 24 hours a day to 800-645-7911.

People also are urged to continue reporting nonhazardous marine debris that’s suspected to be from the 2011 Japan tsunami by email sent to People should include photos and any identifying information, when possible, as well as the specific location of the debris.

NOAA remains the best source of information for Japan tsunami marine debris, including modeling to predict arrival of this marine debris, frequently asked questions and other answers about tsunami debris. You can learn more at marinedebris.noaa. gov/disaster-debris/japan -tsunami-marine-debris.

There has not been a major marine debris incident in almost a year, and the overall amount of debris on state beaches in 2013 also decreased, said Terry Egan, the state’s Marine Debris Task Force lead. The hotline hasn’t been getting calls, so it makes sense to suspend it, he said.

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