Snow in forecast for Whatcom County lowlands


Bellingham residents could wake up to several inches of snow Friday morning, Dec. 20, but any snow is expected to melt away by Friday night, according to the National Weather Service.

Whatcom County lowlands could get from 2 to 4 inches of snow starting early Friday morning, though how much the area gets depends on how quickly warm air moves into the region on Friday, said Weather Service meteorologist Johnny Burg.

With temperatures expected to dip down to the mid-20s overnight Wednesday and to hit 30 on Thursday night, any precipitation that falls will refreeze as ice. That could mean slick conditions on county roads no matter how much it snows.

"The best advice would be to plan for a messy commute Friday morning," Burg said. "Check the road conditions. Give yourself plenty of time and use extra caution."

Warm air could move into the Bellingham area Friday afternoon, changing snow into to rain. Winds of 15 to 30 mph are also expected Friday.

After Friday, temperatures are expected to be closer to normal, with highs in the mid- to upper 40s and lows in the mid- to upper 30s, with clouds and rain likely through Christmas.

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