Lummi girls' basketball falls to Lopez 42-32


The Lummi girls' basketball team was outscored by double-digits in the third quarter and lost to Lopez 42-32 during a game Tuesday, Dec. 17, in Lummi.

Blackhawks' Treena Humphreys scored a game-high 16 points, and Dawn James added nine. Lummi trailed 18-14 at halftime but were outscored 16-5 in the third quarter.

"We were playing really well," Lummi coach Randy Kaui said in a phone interview. "We still got to improve on our defense and work closer together as a team."


Lopez 12 6 16 8 - 42

Lummi 10 4 5 13 - 32

Lopez: Maddie Jordan 8, Bree Swanson 14, Sarah Reeve 2, Maddie Fischer 0, Shelby Prewitt 0, Emacie Hobi 6, Enajasuhih 12.

Lummi: Isabella James 0, Kylee Tomma 3, Dawn James 9, Harley Ellenwood 2, Thelma Wall 0, Sabryn Tom 0, Jane Jefferson 0, Treena Humphreys 16, Carla Lawrence 0, Sarah Burke 2.

Fouls: Lopez 18, Lummi 13. Turnovers: Lopez 21, Lummi 19.

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