Rant: Reader hopes bike thief enjoys the ride - and doesn't forget to wear a helmet


I want to sincerely wish well the person who stole my bike from Birch Bay Square on Nov. 25. The bike had a helmet with it - please use it and ride safely. I've taken good care of it during the five years I've ridden it and it's given me over 16,000 carefree miles - I hope it will do the same and prove reliable transportation for you. The paniers will enable you to carry plenty of groceries. I only ask that you keep it well, oil the chain once in a while. Oh, if you get a flat, the rear tire is very hard to dismount and remount, so you may want to have a bike mechanic help.

Should you ever decide you no longer want that bike, you can always contact me and return it.

May you have a Merry Christmas, and miles of efficient riding.

- Sandy Phillips of Custer, via Letters to the Editor

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