Questions Ferndale school bond needs


It is amazing what can be done to older buildings to make them new again. From The Herald's "homes for sale" page we get "1906 Victorian updated 1980," "1924 home tastefully restored with modern amenities," "amazing 1930s cottage well remodeled," and so on. Other examples are Bellingham High School and Whatcom Middle School. Why then the push for a complete new build of Ferndale High School. The Ferndale capital projects website tells us what was re-done just seven years ago. And in 1985, the re-do of Old Main (turning an old gym into a library) was genius. But of course keeping any facility "new" means investing in the cleaning and maintaining of those buildings. The answer to supposedly "lousy" school buildings now is to demolish them -- what a shame.

What also is a shame is that less than two years ago we were being told (at community forums to close a school) how terrible and unsafe some of our elementary buildings are, especially Custer. And now we go from that to a bond for a new high school and Windward, $125 million compared to the astonishing $90 million that was supposedly needed to fix our schools, as mentioned at one of the forums. I guess to get what you want, you say whatever it takes, and forget about it when you want something else two years later. Actions and words in the long run speak loudly about credibility. This is all just very puzzling and sad.

Joey McAlpine


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