More marijuana applications would focus stores in Bellingham, growing in county


The number of applications to put a marijuana store in Bellingham has now exceeded the amount allowed by the state, meaning some people will lose out on their plans.

Since last week the state Liquor Control Board has received three applications for mom-and-pop pot shops within city limits - in the 1200 block of East Maple Street, the 3900 Irongate Road and the 4300 Meridian Street - bringing the number of potential retailers to eight, according to records released Tuesday, Dec. 10.

But the state expects to approve a maximum of six stores in Bellingham next year - and that's if they make it through local zoning and permitting hurdles. A total of 15 retailers could open countywide, according to Liquor Control.

Recent applications seem to have nudged the local marijuana industry's center of gravity further into rural Whatcom County. Most recently businesses applied to grow or process cannabis near Paradise Lakes, Glacier, Sumas, Nooksack and Lynden.

The month-long window to apply for a marijuana business license ends at 5 p.m. Dec. 20.


The map below shows the location of marijuana business license applications in Whatcom County.

— Growers are represented by pins.

— Processors are represented by circles.

— Retailers are represented by houses.

— Dark green means the application was processed in the past week.

— Medium green means the application was processed in the past two weeks.

— Light green means the application came in before that.

— Data comes from the state Liquor Control Board. This map gets updated each Tuesday.

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