Concerned about opposition to arms pact


The reaction of American Israel Public Affairs Committee to the West's nuclear pact with Iran is instructive because it shows that their concern about the openness of what I believe to be Iran's clearly peaceful nuclear program is not the issue after all. To a deal supported by 75 percent of the American people, Israel's American agents, the Schumers and Kirks, et al., have responded with demands for imposing what I believe to be yet more destructive and coercive sanctions on Iran, all with the goal of forcing Iran to surrender unconditionally or die. Why?

Iran, with or without nuclear weapons, poses a barrier to nuclear-armed Israel's total domination of the Middle East, hence Iran must be destroyed. But Netanyahu's fantasy of inflicting a nuclear holocaust on Iran would invite overwhelming worldwide condemnation of Israel, so the committee has assumed the task of coercing Obama to attack Iran. This war that I believe the committee is inciting will be destructive both to Iran and us. There is an ugly word for those who conspire with foreign nations against the clear interests of their own and I believe it's applicable here.

To this generation I believe falls the task of throwing off the Zionist yoke and regaining our national independence. We must expose and cast into the political outer darkness the disloyal among us or become a mere vassal state.

Thomas Hussey


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