Worried about ease of liquor purchases


Mayor Kelli Linville wants ideas that if put into practice will prevent another drunken riot from occurring. Here's one. Restore the state-operated liquor stores and repeal the law that made hard liquor so easily obtained from retail outlets. The state liquor stores were minor inconveniences to the public, drunken riots are very major ones. The benefits of easily obtained liquor are only economic, the problems raised by too much available alcohol, can be tragic. Metaphorically speaking, this state-signed a pact with the devil to ease its financial problems by gaining more tax revenue through the sale of hard liquor, and now there's the devil to pay.

For those of us who voted against this departure from what I believe to be responsible self-government, saying "I told you so" is cold comfort indeed. Perhaps, if the state won't or can't repeal this act, Whatcom County and the City of Bellingham can, by getting the State Legislature to pass, and the governor to sign, an act making state liquor stores a local option and a replacement for hard liquor retailers locally.

Randall Pratt


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