Reminds why insurance needed


Lately I've been reading of and talking to people who are opting to take their chances by not buying health insurance. If this is out of some misguided hatred of their president, or they are young and don't believe something can happen to them, they may be mistaken. But since they can't be swayed by logic or facts about how many families lose their homes due to an unexpected illness, I give them my personal story: In September of this year, while in Chicago for a family celebration, I had a stroke. I'm 62, I don't have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or any warning signs or other risk factors for such an event. But in 10 seconds, my life was irrevocably altered.

My helicopter ride to the hospital alone cost $16,000. Forty miles. We've begun receiving bills from the hospitals, ICU and rehab center, and my stroke will cost over $750,000. I have recovered now and can be thankful for the people who helped me get there, and my friends who prayed and held good wishes for me in their hearts. But I can also be very thankful that I do have excellent insurance. Without it, my wife and I would stand to lose all we have and then some. So, if you're thinking of opting out of being covered, for whatever reasons, please think again. Please opt in, because your event or accident could happen in 10 seconds from now. Are you prepared for it?

Gary Meader


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