Concerned riot costs underestimated


Thank you for keeping the public informed on city government and law enforcement actions for the riot event near WWU on Oct. 12, 2013. It is my belief that both Mayor Linville and Sgt. Monson are grossly underestimating the continuing cost to taxpayers for this episode. First, the entire Bellingham Police Department arsenal of anti-social weaponry was depleted. I believe the replacement cost alone will dwarf the estimates of both officials. Second, I believe both officials appear to be purposely providing misleading information regarding continuing costs, considering the high man-hour costs associated with special investigations not otherwise required and prosecutorial-related costs. Again, I believe these costs alone will dwarf the official's estimates. Finally, I would like to point out that I believe the police riot response seemed to be ill advised considering expected behavioral dynamics to forcing young people to comply with a what they would have considered unwarranted demands. What did the police official in charge expect would happen? This indicates to me that police officials are not competent to handle social unrest through reasonably planned means. More worrying, it appears to me Bellingham city government is complicit in a cover-up of taxpayer fall-out costs. Both Mayor Linville and Sgt. Monson both seem to be exhibiting contempt toward the taxpayers.

Gregory Brylski


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