Says students' anger justified


In response to the Bellingham riots, I would like to say I have heard both the college and Bellingham residents' sides. Agreeing with other letters to the editor, the response from the Bellingham police and how they acted on dispersing the crowd was the best possible option with the least harmful outcome. On the other hand, I have heard from college students that the police are also to blame for being the reason behind the riot. I believe the city had prior knowledge of the block party that was going on and neighbors were notified and nobody opposed it to the hosts. When the back-to-school block party was stopped by police at 10 in the evening, many students were annoyed that they were told to disperse no more than 45 minutes after the party had begun. I believe this is what fueled the riot. Though the rioters' acts were and still are unjustifiable, the reasons for standing up for themselves were very logical. Many parties on the north side of campus are declared in secret in the days leading up to it but there is no notification to neighbors or the city of Bellingham. The one time a young group takes appropriate action, they are immediately told to stop. I am a WWU freshman and I was not there but I can't help but think I would have done the same thing as the rioters. I would never had been the one to become belligerent. Yet, I can't help but think I would have stood up for what I believe.

Ben Morgan


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