Concerned about student reputation


I have just read the article about yet another underage party that got busted near WWU. I am torn between feeling empathic and disappointed.

Being a Western student myself, I know what it is like to want to dance and have a good time with my friends. I also know what it means to prioritize fun with responsibilities. These past few weeks I get this sense from my generation that we need to live like there is no tomorrow, live as if there were no rules? I can't tell if I'm getting "older" or if I'm in denial of being in the "Me" generation.

Following that, as being a participating citizen in our community between working full-time and schooling full-time, I am disappointed in the way people look down upon me as being a Western student because of a handful of kids who decided to lash out and be destructive. This saddens me. I am proud of Western as a positive entity in our community that engages in projects throughout the county. We are surrounded by intellectuals who care about the community and want to engage each other with actively participating in change. We are the voice of reason with the power to change. But now I'm feeling a gap forming between the college students and our community based upon a small fraction of students who are not responsible.

It just so happens, the kids that do not care scream the loudest.

Sarah Climaco


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