Hopes dogs allowed on new Whatcom trail


Whatcom County Parks and Recreation Department has set forth to add a 1.2-mile trail connecting Huckleberry Mountain with Raptor Ridge. I think this is an amazing idea that has been a part of the master plan since 1996. The article I read that was posted in The Bellingham Herald stated that the trail will be opened to mountain bikers, runners, hikers and horses. My question is would the trail be open to dogs? I looked on the Whatcom Parks and Recreation website and only found one Chuckanut trail open to dogs. I feel that if horses are allowed then dogs should be, too; whether they are restricted to be on leash or allowed to be off leash. If they are going to make this specific trail an on-leash area they should, if not already, designate an off-leash area for dogs to roam around. Here in Bellingham people love to go hiking, love nature and love their animals; therefore making a new off-leash area would be a huge success. It could also bring in some revenue considering more people would be attracted to the mountain. All in all, connecting Huckleberry Mountain with Raptor Ridge will be a great accomplishment, although, opening the area to animals will further increase the popularity of the outdoors activities in our town.

Kailey Burchard


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