Says shared risk makes health care work


I have been reading many letters grumbling about the Affordable Care Act, which some call "Obamacare." I am very happy that we are finally going to catch up with the rest of the industrialized countries that offer health care for all. We do have a long way to go. The only problem with it, I believe, is that what we really need is a single payer system, leaving out insurance companies all together. Problems with the national site? Yes. Will it work eventually? Yes. Going to be good for us? Yes. Washington state has a really good website where you can look at what the different plans have to offer. It is an excellent resource and is easy to navigate and understand. Some people are upset that the plans cover maternity and pediatric services, which are not needed by everybody. As far as I know, medical insurance companies have offered these services all along. I don't have a prostate or other male features, and these don't apply to me, but these are covered too. What makes it work is shared risk. We are all in this together. I believe health care is our right. Let's come together and get to work.

Beth Standen


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