Dislikes state's health exchange


I believe nothing could have been more disappointing for single mother Jessica Sanford than to hear she had been subjected to a bait and switch by the State of Washington. Here is a lady with a special needs teenage son who cannot get affordable insurance for herself. Given her situation, she is probably in need of financial counseling. As an "early retiree," I carry my own private insurance for my family. Having applied on the exchange, I can tell you that Washington state is no standard bearer for the nation. The very first step of identification verification was a problem. We had to wait on hold for first 30 and then 50 minutes to get someone to correct the problem. Ashley then got us through the application process fairly smoothly only to find out that our tax credit application had been denied. Given our stated income level, Ashley could not tell us any reason for this, despite the fact that the Washington site calculator says we qualify for tax credits. Is this another bait and switch in the making? We are now in the process of issuing more paperwork to appeal this decision. According to the site, this process could take up to 90 days. There are only 30 days remaining to obtain insurance on the exchange since our current plans will be cancelled by year end. Is there really any sane reason why Obamacare shouldn't be delayed?

Steve Westhoff


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