Backs changes to health care options


Reading a Nov. 17 letter to the editor, I felt both sympathetic and contrary. We all agree that medical coverage (like all medical costs) should be affordable. If you like your insurance, you should be able to keep it.

On the flip side, I'm ecstatic that we finally have a president that is at least trying to make health care affordable (and possible) for "everyone."

I'm through with what I believe is the ultra-conservative nature of Republicans (and Congress) in their quest to do nothing to make health care reasonable (and available) for "everyone." The volume of people attempting to apply for insurance proves just how important a human need it is.

Don't punish/blame our president for trying to make health care more accessible to the working citizen; instead, punish those responsible for making health care so unattainable (and costly) in the first place! I'm furious that for so many years my loved ones and I have been so fearful of injury, illness or disease because of the cost of getting help. Period! After witnessing what I believe are the selfish acts of Republicans and Congress, I doubt I will entrust future Republican leaders to my health and vitality.

Ben Kinkade


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